Like all Tivon jewellery, all our engagement rings are bespoke & custom-made to order.
Exclusive & one-off with custom detail, once we complete your ring, we break the mould.

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Like all Tivon jewellery, all our engagement rings are bespoke-made. We do not buy in existing mass-market ring mounts nor do we stock off-the-shelf engagement rings. We believe that like the proverbial glass slipper, every engagement ring has to be tailor-made and a perfect fit for its intended owner. Once we complete your ring, we break the mould.


We start you off with a conversation/consultation so we get a basic understanding of who you are and what your design dreams and wishes are. We also answer & guide you through any questions you may have about diamonds or gemstones so you understand the pros, cons and ultimately what you’ll be getting and why it will be the best.

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The initial consultation is followed by a short questionnaire which we send you to complete in your own time. This is nothing too personal but just helps us gain an insight of how to create a better experience for you and more importantly, a more unique & meaningful creation for you. You are an integral part of the creative process so we take this journey together.


Once we combine all the information gathered from our consultation and the questionnaire we infuse your most important desires i.e. Your Wishes & Your Story into creating the perfect ring for you.


Here are just a few examples:

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no fixed minimum spend. That said, our engagement rings typically range from about £5,000 and vary based on the complexity of design, precious metals used and of course the size and quality of the diamonds & gemstones.

Rest assured, we stand behind our products. We will ensure the ring is tweaked until it fits perfectly.

Metals - We only work with 18k Gold and Platinum.
Diamonds – We only work with internationally recognised certificated diamonds.
Gemstones – We only use high grade top 5% category gemstones.

Our diamonds and gemstones are sourced worldwide. We have an extensive network of diamond and gemstone factories located on almost every continent which ensures we always find what we, and more importantly, what you are after.

As a business we endeavour to ensure that all our gemstones and diamonds are ethically sourced. Where possible, we seek assurances in writing and subscribe to the Kimberley Process of diamond sourcing. We are also registered with the RJC.

Generally speaking we do not use old materials (gold, diamonds and gemstones) to create your new ring as qualities may vary and we cannot assure you of the perfect aesthetic where varying grades of stones are used. However, where we feel an exception can be made a first-hand inspection will be carried out to assess that it is up to our standards. For logistical & taxation reasons this offer may be limited to UK-based individuals.

Unfortunately we do not accept either of these as we create each piece from scratch and do not resell old or used engagement rings.

As a business, Tivon has been creating bespoke pieces for customers around the world. We are able to ship worldwide and rest assured we will endeavour to fulfil your order no matter where you are based. Plus, with the magic of virtual conference apps, we’re only a click away.

Typically speaking, a ring takes between 4-6 weeks to create once we have locked in and sourced your perfect gemstone and once you approve the design. However, we are able to turn things around quicker if required but this depends based on complexity of design and the bespoke features we install.

Once the process has started it can be very difficult to change the design, depending of course how far into the process we are. However, always feel free to contact us and have a conversation and we will do our utmost to accommodate your requests.

This is entirely up to you but we feel that the journey and the experience is elevated and all the more special where the couple experience it together.

Absolutely! If you are already lucky enough to have come up with your own design and just need us to bring it to life for you, that’s absolutely fine. Please openly express your ideas and we will be more than happy to advise and to help so that your dream becomes a reality.

Unfortunately not. Once you confirm the design and diamond or gemstone to be used, we require a deposit. The balance is paid upon completion of the ring.