For Over 60 Years

A dedication to bespoke craft combined with an unrelenting zeal for seeking out the finest gemstones is the secret to why our jewellery stands out for all the right reasons

A Tivon Gem means
a Superior Gem

Tivon only selects the top 5% of gems. We create bespoke frames for nature's true artwork, not the other way around

Our Philosophy
Tivon jewels - /collections/NTTR-0076-PMGSAQ.jpg Tivon jewels - /collections/ETTR-0923-PMGAQ.jpg Tivon jewels - /collections/PW-0947-MCS.jpg Tivon jewels - /collections/EW-0922-MCS.jpg Tivon jewels - /collections/NTTR-0072-PMGSAQ.jpg

beyond measure

You only have to see our creations to understand why our gems are a cut above!

Our Collections

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Jewellery is not just a commodity or trivial adornment. It is an inspired feeling and a show of appreciation and love. Find your inspired gift today!

TIVON stands for

A legacy of over 60 years is a great responsibility.
High standards set by two generations is something which should never falter.

Our Story